• Enhanced Customization

In the world of the internet, data is the key to achieve success. AI studies the patterns of potential customers and gives the data to the editors, and this allows them to produce videos based on the users’ requirements and issues. This will allow the brand to establish a healthy relationship with the targeted audience.

  •  Face Filters 

Apps like Snapchat or Instagram, use AI along with CGI. Yes, remember the face filters? That is how they function. They are based on the working of ML and AI to give you a precise result.


These were just some of how ML and AI have changed the game of video editing. There is no doubt that it has upgraded the level and has taken the industry to new heights. More than 60% of the editors believe that AI and ML will play a massive part in the video marketing industry. It will be enthralling to see what transpires next in the world of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.