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Artificial intelligence (AI) is already taking the marketing industry by storm. From transforming jobs to enhancing professional roles and creating ample opportunities, AI is proving to be an effective asset for global marketers.

New technologies are constantly being introduced within the umbrella term AI. These new AI technologies include computer vision, machine learning, natural language generation and natural language processing. All are capable of performing various types of cognitive tasks just like humans and in some cases way better than humans.

The application of AI is quite noticeable across every field of marketing. One such area of interest is content marketing. In the content marketing universe, AI is helping marketers by making the entire process of content planning, creation, and distribution more effective. By examining user data, AI is enabling content marketers to create content that resonates with the intent and demand of users. It is helping content creators and marketers efficiently utilize intelligence to derive valuable insights which later can be used to develop engaging content.

Even Gmail is using AI to predict what the user will type next and then make automatic relevant suggestions so that typing becomes faster and the user doesn’t have to waste time thinking what to write next. Grammar and spelling check software like Grammarly is also backed by AI, which makes recommendations to the user on how they can write better.

Areas of Application of AI in Content Marketing

In the content marketing field, AI is already playing a crucial role by taking charge of mundane content marketing activities like blog topics planning, keyword discovery, testing landing pages, scheduling social media posts, automating content and reviewing analytics.

This assistance is indeed proving beneficial for content marketers as they can now focus more on higher-value activities and improve business performance. Machines today possess the capability to perform minor content works while marketers do the job of enhancing the content quality further.

Artificial intelligence has lots of potential that can be explored in the field of content marketing.






The fact of the matter is AI is here and a part of our everyday lives. While it may be a little natural to worry that AI will continue to increase in popularity, making your role as content marketer obsolete, that’s not the case.

Instead, when used strategically, AI can improve your content marketing while making your job a little easier in the process. Don’t believe us? Here are some examples of how you can blend AI and content marketing in 2021 and beyond.


Content Distribution

Have you ever written a great blog but forgot to share it on social media? What about a press release? Did you spend time and energy only to slip up and not blast it to your network? With AI, you won’t have to worry about that ever again. Tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, and others streamline the distribution of your content by automatically scheduling all your posts. If you need to schedule it across different platforms, you can. You can also dig into analytics to measure individual pieces of content. For press releases, Cision and similar software can help.


User-Generated Content

Influencer marketing, or user-generated content, can improve your brand’s authority and public trust. AI tools such as social listening and keyword collectors can help you find the brand-related content posted by your customers. Then, you can ask for their permission to post it on your blog or use it to create a larger piece of material.


Simple-Generated Content

For specific industries, AI can offload the work of writing basic articles or blogs. For instance, different kinds of sports teams can use AI-powered tools to upload scores and game reports. The financial industry can use these algorithms to write updates on stocks, the Dow, and the like. It’s all made possible through Natural Language Generation, a specific discipline of machine learning. The Washington Post already uses it for simpler stories, allowing their staff to focus on deep, feature pieces that require an empathic, human touch.



No doubt, you’ve received an email that included your first name. If you’re a marketer, you know someone didn’t do this by hand for every single person on a list. AI did! From customized emails, tailored landing pages, salutations in chatbots or SMS, AI can help contextualize your content. This allows your brand to have one-on-one engagement with every customer and lead – without adding extra work to your day.





5 Ways Content Marketing Benefits from AI

1. Enables Creation of Personalized Content

Customized content that caters to individual preferences is very much in demand. However, content marketers often struggle to create content specific to each of their viewers. To develop customized content, the marketing team needs access to customer data which can be analyzed to extract valuable insights for putting plans into action.

Earlier personalization in content creation was a challenge. But with AI-driven software and machine learning systems, relevant data from website visitors and customers can be easily collected, and customer preferences can be tracked to create content that fits individual taste. For instance, with tools like OneSpot, which uses AI-based algorithms, marketers can track customer engagement using web interaction data to provide personalized content.

2. Automates Content Generation

Manual content creation may be a thing of the past. There may come a time when machines completely replace writers and create human-like content that sounds and emotes like humans. Many companies, like The Associated Press, The Washington Post, and Fox, are already using AI to automatically generate content. Without prior knowledge, you would have a hard time figuring out which content is generated by algorithms and which are by humans.

Marketers can use AI to create simple stories, reports, and content updates. With each technological advance, machines are becoming even more efficient at imitating human behavior, skills, and most importantly, intelligence. That’s the excellence of AI getting infused into the content system across various creator platforms.

3. Allows Ability to Predict Content

Planning content that resonates with your audience is the key to your successful content marketing strategy. However, often this planning is time-consuming as marketers face difficulty in evaluating which type of content is liked by their audience and planning the content accordingly.

Now, here comes artificial intelligence to the rescue. AI enables marketers to predict what type of content will be liked by the targeted audience and which content forms are trending. Based on the analytics and algorithms, the content team can plan blog posts, video content, or ebooks to create engaging content that the audience finds relevant and useful.

4. Drives Higher Engagement with Chatbots

When it comes to improving the customer experience with a brand, AI-driven Chatbots are the ones that most online businesses rely on today. These Chatbots are computer programs that use artificial intelligence to mimic human conversation and interact with the user to answer their real-time queries and concerns. They perform quasi-conversations with the customer, providing 24/7 customer support to address their needs. Using machine learning, Chatbots observe, examine, and track every conversation to enhance interactions. Higher engagement levels can be achieved using Chatbots as they can adjust according to the changing requirements of customers.

One such example of Chatbots utilization is Facebook Messenger, where the computer program is used to answer real-time customer questions. Even brands like Uber use Facebook Messenger Chatbots to enable users to request a ride even without opening the app. Similarly, Chatbots can be further used to send promotional content to the user based on insights derived from chat interactions so that they can be assisted with useful materials.

5. Saves Time with Automated Content Tasks

Most repetitive and manual content tasks can be easily automated with the help of artificial intelligence. Activities like searching market trends, analyzing data, scheduling posts, etc., can be done by AI, which saves a lot of time and money.

If you search within your content team, you’ll find lots of tasks that can be automated, freeing your team to work on more important things while the machine takes charge. Using AI-powered marketing tools, you can hand over the pressure of smaller activities while you invest your valuable time in better analyzing, measuring, promoting, optimizing, planning, and personalizing the content to boost its performance.


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